Legend of Zelda–The Motion Picture

March 26, 2008

PixylatedA fruitless search on IMDB.com for “The Legend of Zelda” (surely there must be at least an animated movie to accompany the 1980s TV show) caused me to start my own incoherently nonsensical Legend of Zelda Movie Trilogy.  This is part one.  Our hero, an elf-lad named Link, starts out living in a land of extreme peace and tranquility.

But then he begins his quest to fight against big troubles a’brewing in the local forests, deserts, and swamplands. . . .Link at the Movies

The Zelda Trilogy continues in Zelda Movie Part 2:  Villain Strikes Back. and concludes in Zelda Movie 3: Return of the Hero.

Villain Strikes Back

Ganon.BeastReturn of the Hero

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