Stan Lee’s Lightspeed – superfast review!

March 23, 2009


Marvel Comics guru Stan Lee brings us Lightspeed—the next generation in middle-aged superheroing!

Lightspeed’s Origin:

Daniel Leight was just an ordinary 50-something year old commando in the elite task force known as The Ghost Squad. In addition to their guns and ski masks, they have the latest in wrist-activated walky-talkies. Plus, Lee Majors (the Six Million Dollar Man!!) is their leader. And on Lee Majors’ desk there is a picture of his most special commando Daniel Leight.

Life was good … until, somehow, Daniel gets injured on the job.

An experimental radiation treatment cures him … but it also gives him light speed power. He runs real fast. To prevent getting windburn, he wears a ski outfit. To keep his elderly heart from exploding, he drinks cool-blue adrenaline juice.ghostsquad1


Lightspeed’s Archenemy Python:

Let’s just say that he’s a failed scientist. His reptilian experiments went up in smoke, mutating him into the monster we see today. With no job, no girlfriend, and no more government funding, Python goes on a rampage of pure jealousy, ransacking the richest, most successful science labs.d_leight

But don’t worry. There’s no need to save the day, not if Lightspeed is on the way!

(Sorry for the lengthy review. I’ll make the rest of it so fast you won’t even see it happen!)stan_lee


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