Ghouls – a movie of ghoulish mystery

July 15, 2008


Ghouls are on the loose in a sunny village in Romania!

They look a bit like flying charcoal smudges. But when they come down to attack—brace yourselves!—they morph into bloody-faced, raggedy-limbed mummies!

One hero (whose name is Thomas) has devoted his life to stopping them. As a descendant of Druid warriors, Thomas is armed with a family heirloom (a dagger which he sometimes stares at whenever he needs cheering up) and a trench coat lined with flash grenades and a shotgun full of flash cartridges. A blinding flash does wonders against a ghoul attacking in broad daylight.

So what is a ghoul anyhow? Dictionaries will say that it’s either a grave robber … or someone who delights in stuff that a grave robber would enjoy … or it’s a bloodthirsty demon from Muslim folklore.

In  the movie Ghouls, these creatures are actually the ghosts of ancient robed beings mysteriously known only as The Ancients. They have a queen ghoul. And they have magic powers. And a black stone—the size and shape of an ostrich egg—brimming with even more magic powers! They even have a whole group of human followers! Ghoul sympathizers! Spies!Family Keepsake

Yet, no matter how tough things get, we can always do what our hero Thomas does. Find something we like, and stick with it. Even if it means watching this movie!

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