More Thor Movies

Three main topics inspired this article:  Marvel Comic’s movie The Mighty Thor (2011) and the movie Hammer of the Gods (2009), and how Vikings never wore horns on their helmets, except during moments of prayer.

In Hammer of the Gods, Home Improvement’s Zachery Ty Bryan, stars as Thor, the God of Thunder.  Only he has amnesia.  To his Viking buddies, he is just an ordinary guy who happens to have the name Thor. You see, without his famous hammer, he can’t remember who he is.  And he’s pretty powerless, too, as we see here in this film clip:


The legendary hammer is, in fact, locked away in a temple on a mountaintop, guarded by a couple of unlikely villains:

1) a tribe of mostly hairless werewolves (mainly covered in black paint to cut back on hair effects, which can be quite costly on movie productions)

2) a traitorous Viking in Thor’s midst (but Thor saw it coming, especially after they waved swords at each other, menacingly, from opposing cliffsides).

Harrowing? Yes! Do we deserve more? Yes, as long as Thor himself is up to it, which I am sure he is.Thorrific

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