Termination Point – the Never-Ending Movie Review

A jumbo jet crashes. No survivors. Yet … among the wreckage, a young farm boy discovers a half-charred boarding pass … and the date on that boarding pass is for … gulp … tomorrow!!

Thus begins this mind-blender of a movie known as Termination Point.Two Lous!

Actor Lou Diamond Phillips stars as a cutting-edge scientist. Proving his brilliance as a scientist, he wears a studious-looking beard, a pair of glasses and … he builds a teleportation machine. With it he can zip anywhere, anytime, and to any point in time. All he has to do is power up his machine with neon light bulbs and type in some coordinates on his cell-phone and—zip! Through a wormhole he goes!

Unfortunately, teleportation has a few side-effects:

1) A mismatching of people, places, and things from alternate universes.

2) A planet-eating vortex that seems to enjoy floating in the sky, zapping stuff into oblivion. Mainly it attacks buildings. But it’ll also go after people if they try running away. And it’ll keep on zapping until there’s nothing left. (Hence the title Termination Point, that theoretical point at which we all meet some sort of universal termination.)

3) Rogue agents. They’ll stop at nothing to get their hands on Lou Diamond’s technology. (*hint, hint* gunfights galore!)skywingairlines

To get away from it all, Lou somehow bypasses airport security, smuggling his teleportation time machine onto Sky Wing Airlines, on a flight to Mexico.

But will he escape his problems?

Before seeing this movie, I highly recommend re-reading this review to find out what could possibly happen next!

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