The Hive—a Busybody Movie Review

Ants in your pants? Be thankful they aren’t the carnivorous super-brains from the science fiction horror movie The Hive. They’ll either gobble you up within seconds … or they’ll give you a headache with their superior intellect.

Yes, these ants are smart. Super-smart. Like, build-your-own-supercomputer smart.

But so are the humans. First we have a rainforest dictator who rightfully says, “We will not negotiate with ants!”

And then we have the insect exterminators—Team Thorax. There is much to say about Team Thorax … like, instead of the usual insecticide, they have plasma blasters! And custom-made binoculars! I say custom-made, because their company logo is clearly visible through the viewfinder.

Note the cleverness of their logo:

Mighty Thor. Insects. Ajax. Anthrax. All sorts of things come to mind.

Equally varied is the plot. We get … explosions! Insect kidnappings! Romance! A music-driven montage involving microscopes and pheromones! Tentacles made purely of ants! Ant in the ear! And … surprise! A surprise ending which I will unsurprisingly not reveal here … but surprisingly I must stop before I do!

Check out the trailer:

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