100 Million BC – Time Out Movie Review!

Army guys! Time travel! Dinosaurs!

Yes, that about sums up this movie, 100 Million BC (not to be confused with Raquel Welch’s One Million Years BC).

Yet there is so much more! Remember the Philadelphia Experiment, that true story that allegedly never took place during the 1940s? Well, apparently, scientists from that experiment were transported back—way, way back!—to the age of dinosaurs.

And then some army guys go through time to rescue them.

But it’s the scientists who are the real heroes of this movie. Living in the past has made ’em tough. Like … killing raptors and pterodactyls and outwitting a big reddish-looking T. Rex known as Big Red … that kind of tough. They can even jump from a helicopter twenty feet high above the ground with the ease and skill of Jedi Ninjas!!

The only thing weighing these guys down is perhaps their science. It’s a bit heavy.

WARNING: *Scientifically Challenged Spoiler Alert*

Time travel involves poking your pointy finger at a little handheld device … thereby activating the much larger Rainbow Device, which we really don’t need (depending on where we are in the movie) … as long as the presiding scientist can somehow generate enough exotic matter to penetrate the space/time continuum with a sparkly blue wormhole, otherwise known as a singularity.

Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go have a time out to think about what I just said.

Want more dinosaurs?

Aztec Rex
A tyrannosaur in Ancient Mexico!

Aztec Rex

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Or how about more time travel?

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