Rock Monster – an un-chiseled movie review

Rockslide!I was flipping through channels one afternoon when, suddenly, I stumbled upon a landslide of nicely textured computer-animated rocks.

It was … a Rock Monster.  Naturally, this movie takes place out in the wilderness (somewhere in Europe, as a matter of fact) … and there is a reference to King Arthur’s legendary Sword in the Stone.  I love that Disney cartoon.

But be forewarned!! Some quiet afternoon while watching TV, you, too, may stumble upon … the Rock Monster.

Rock Monster

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4 Responses to Rock Monster – an un-chiseled movie review

  1. Rey says:

    Before my movie-reviewing credentials get taken away, I’d like to provide some background info on The Colonel. He’s played by Jon Polito, who plays in quite a few movies by the Coen Brothers: The Man Who Wasn’t There , The Big Lebowski, Hudsucker Proxy, Miller’s Crossing and Barton Fink.


  2. I happened upon the VERY end of this movie and it looked kind of neat in a completely unbelievable way. Then again it’s not like I believe Frodo’s a genuine hobbit any how, every one knows those things went extinct long ago.

    Thing is, it reminds me of this vague but longing memory I have of this transforming toy from when I was like.. 7 or so? It was in a Coast to Coast (farm supply type store) and I begged my Dad to get it but.. no dice because “that’s too weird”.



  3. Oh! And that rock monster drawing? FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!


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