The Far Country – a Father’s Day movie review

This review is dedicated to fathers everywhere.


Alaska is overrun by gun-slinging thugs! Plus, they have a leader! NOTE: If you haven’t seen this before, you’ll never guess his giggle-inducing name!* He’s one sly dude — all dressed in black with a classy black top hat — making himself the official judge, jury, and executioner for the fine people of Alaska. Those poor bearded prospectors panning for gold!Bell Ringer Jimmy Stewart

Only one man can save them: A loner played by Jimmy Stewart … better known as the guy who plays in the Happy Holidays classic It’s a Wonderful Life in which he rang a bell and helped an angel get its wings. In this movie, The Far Country, a tiny bell is equally important for Jimmy Stewart. Plus, he’s the quickest gunfighter Alaska ever saw.

But the last thing he wants to do is pick a fight. Like most loners, he just wants to drive cattle across country and be left alone … even though the ladies can’t keep their hands off him!

Eventually he’ll have to fight. For the ladies. And for the bearded prospectors. And for anyone out there looking for a good old-fashioned action movie to pass the time.


Or is it?

*Ganon! The main villain of this old-fashioned Jimmy Stewart movie is Ganon! As in Ganon of the hit Nintendo series The Legend of Zelda!!! Well, actually, it’s Mister Gannon, with a double “n” … but close enough. The villain even has pointy elfish ears!

And whenever Jimmy Stewart or the other characters say his name, I giggle with Zelda flashbacks.

And I think, This has got to be one of Link’s lost dreams!


For another review concerning Ganon, please visit:

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