Sabretooth – a toothless movie review

lostsawyerIn honor of the TV show Lost going into multiple seasons, I thought I’d talk about a movie starring Sawyer from Lost. Actually, the actor’s name is Josh Holloway, and in the movie Sabretooth, he’s not Sawyer. But he plays a pretty good prototype of the sarcastic, name-calling castaway, so I might as well call him Sawyer.

Anyhow, here’s the story:

A secret lab has genetically engineered a saber-toothed tiger … and suddenly, one fateful day, the tiger escapes … into a nearby campground…

But not so fast! We also have some trackers, led by Lord of the Rings dwarf John Rhys-Davies and Stephen King’s Firestarter telepath David Keith, determined to retrieve the escaped beast. And then even they start getting eliminated as the hunters become the hunted!Sabretooth Glitch!

The special effects are passable, but not very realistic. I think Sabretooth Part Two should be about a computer-generated tiger going on a rampage after escaping from a haunted supercomputer. With today’s b-movie special effects, that would look so realistic!

Want More? Here’s another movie featuring a sabretooth:

10,000 B.C.
Adventure, history, magic!

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3 Responses to Sabretooth – a toothless movie review

  1. Like giant water spiders! Wouldn’t that be creepy? Go swimming and some sub-aquatic tarantula attaches itself to your leg.. ewww


  2. Rey says:

    Attack of the Killer Aquantula!


  3. Perfect! Now all we need is a budget lol


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