Heatstroke—a Half-Baked Movie Review

Dinosaurs from outer space are invading a tropical island? How did they get there? And why did they interrupt television transmissions thirty years ago with images of volcanoes exploding?The Heatstroke Monster

These questions and more are addressed in the movie Heatstroke. Keyword: addressed. We don’t exactly get solid answers. But enough is eventually explained, allowing us moviegoers to get the gist of the whole thing.

And here’s the gist:

Disguised as a tourist, Special Agent O’Bannon is tracking down aliens. Helping him are a few high-tech army buddies, a sarcastic sheriff, the sheriff’s crazy grandmother, and Winnie from Ben Savage’s Wonder Years. Not helping O’Bannon are these muscle-bound bullies with baseball bats … but O’Bannon tackles them easily with his deadly slap-you-unconscious combat skills.

The real challenge is thwarting the dino-aliens. They have plans. Big plans. Throat-slashing, acidic gas puffing, alien technological heatstroke plans.

Can you take the heat? Well, both Winnie and O’Bannon sure can! And if they can do it, we all can do it!


Want Sci-Fi action with lots of guns and a big name actor? Check out Sean Connery in

Sean Connery in space!


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3 Responses to Heatstroke—a Half-Baked Movie Review

  1. I totally planned to review that before getting caught up in maelstrom of activity. It looked ‘good’, you know. lol Kind of like BloodMonkey or Aztec Rex… THAT kind of good 😀 I like that deadly alien dino, btw.. and kudos to them for being super bizarre. Kind of reminds me of those old Dinoriders toys


  2. Rey says:

    Yeah, it was “good” and, by the looks of it, I think it had a bigger budget than both BloodMonkey and Aztec Rex combined! I mean, on top of all the killing and the tiki-bar scenery … we get an alien autopsy – dino-style!

    The one thing a sequel might need is more gadgets. These dinos may have built some complex machinery, but they didn’t strap any of it on! They went au naturel (as depicted in the illustration above).


  3. No kidding.. you’d think they might want some.. I dunno.. body armor? head-mounted lasers?? lol


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