Aztec Rex – A Dino-mite Movie Review!

Aztec Rex Aztec Rex, scientifically known as Tyrannosaurus Azteca, lives in an uncharted region of Mexico. He—and his identical female counterpart—are worshiped by the local Aztec Kingdom. Worship consists of placing a human heart on a miniature pyramid and then waiting for Rex to come along and eat it.

Apparently, the Aztecs were running low on human hearts. Their entire kingdom dwindled to a mere handful of Aztecs. So it was a good thing some conquistadores came along when they did. Rex was getting hungry.

The conquistadores are lead by none other than Hernan Cortes, the Spaniard famous for squashing the Aztec Empire. This movie chronicles his first unsuccessful attempt.

You see, right away he and his six men are captured. The Aztecs waste no time humiliating the prisoners, forcing them to squat in a holding pen made of fine straw and towering approximately one foot high.

Cortes in the Holding Pen
If they want their freedom, they’ll have to fight for it.  We get cannonballs, arrows, gunfire, stick fights, and teeth-gnashing dino-gore somewhat reminiscent of the blockbuster series Jurassic Park. Plus…during the action we even get a wedding followed by a quick honeymoon!

But be warned, a honeymoon Aztec Rex is most certainly not.

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