Water Horse Movie—Splish Splash!

Strap on your goggles….and prepare to have your mind splashed! Splashed with some useful insight on the movie The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep, that is.The Water Horse -- Legend of the Deep

And now the main reason why this movie is worth seeing:

The sea monster has loads of personality. First of all, it has a name…Crusoe, named after the survival-on-a-desert-island book, Robinson Crusoe. We get to see Crusoe grow from a little hatchling to a fearsome mega-monster. But don’t worry. It might look scary, and at one point it suffers from a bad case of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Yet, deep down inside, it’s as playful as a kitten. And I like kittens.

Well, there are other reasons, but that’s the big one. Other highlights include:

1) World War II in beautiful Scotland.

2) Some cool shots filmed underwater, as the monster swims fast and furious.

3) A young boy struggling to keep his pet sea monster a secret from his mother, his sister, the handyman, and a platoon of British soldiers and their ferocious dog.

eggtacular“We are not here for the lovely scenery,” shouts the British commander, trying his best to look tough. “We are here to keep Nazi U-Boats from invading Loch Ness!” To which his troops chuckle, knowing what an easy assignment they have.

But what’s easy for them is never easy for a boy and his sea monster!

So, now that I have properly brainwashed your brain, go see Water Horse…!

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