Torque (a.k.a. Road Rash the Movie)

Have you ever heard of the hit video game Road Rash, which involves ruthless punks on motorcycles? Well, Torque is the closet we’ll ever get to a movie version.Ice Cube Map Reading

Ice Cube is so tough he can do anything on a motorcycle. Give him a map, and at 90 miles per hour he’ll open up the map, read it, and hand it back to you–without even gripping the handlebars!

And he never shies away from a ramp.

“There’s a ramp! I’m going for it,” he says, whether he’s riding on the freeway or on top of a speeding train.

And he’s not the only one. This movie is full of tough guys. There’s one guy with a chain who whips a vending machine just to get a soda!  Potato chips are popular amongst the other tough guys.  There are even a couple of tough girls, one representing Pepsi, the other representing Mountain Dew.  And when they fight—oh boy!—they know how to swing their bikes around like motorized swords!  To say the least, it’s intense.

Our hero (played by Martin Henderson)  says it best: “I live my life a quarter of the mile at a time.”

Even though his friends agree that this is the silliest thing they ever heard, it’s still pretty darn tough!

For another tough guy movie, check out:

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Chuck Norris and the Octogon

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