Spider-Man 3 — alternate beginning

At this point, I’ve forgotten how the the Toby Maguire version of Spiderman 3 began.  But I can totally see how I think it could’ve begun (if that makes any sense)….

A space shuttle launches into space.  Unfortunately, it collides into some alien goo that looks like wiggly tar.  But it’s alive!  It’s a symbiotic creature, and it is clogging up NASA’s malfunction panels.  That’s a problem, the shuttle acting all crazy.

Can Spider-Man  save the  shuttle from crashing back down to earth, right into his fair city?   Maybe.  But he might not be strong enough.  Unless he merges with the alien, which is exactly what the alien wants to do …becoming the darker, super-strong Spider-Man.

And then the movie goes on from there.

Now check out the original version of the movie, which I wrote down while it was still fresh in my mind:

Spider-Man 3
Delights and gripes.

Or for more movie speculation, check out:

The Legend of Zelda
Not a real movie, but I reviewed it anyhow!


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