Snowglobe — a shakedown movie review!

A Cuban/African/Italian/American family settles down to a Christmas dinner. That’s what drew me into this holiday movie. It was different, especially since I don’t know any Cuban/African/Italian/American families who have Christmas dinner at the same table, same night, as part of their regular Christmas routine in a movie.  But what made me stick around for the next couple hours (plodding through commercials) is the element of fantasy …magical fantasy!

1980s SantaThe movie’s title of Snowglobe actually refers to a magical snowglobe.  A young lady, twenty-something, gets the globe as an early Christmas present.  Soon she is transported to a quaint Christmassy village inside the snowglobe. People live there, friendly yet gullible. Everything they know about the world comes from their fake, little village. Snow and shovels, the one ice skating rink surrounded by plastic pine trees, generic Christmas presents, and a holiday goose for dinner. That’s it. But suppose one of these snowglobians cross over into our world?

One guy makes the crossover. For this part of the movie, I kept envisioning Will Ferrell in the Elf movie. Similar humor.

Overall, Snowglobe reminds me of a high-quality cardboard puppet show. The characters are kind of thin (then again, they do come from a snowglobe).  But on the bright side, the acting and production values are smooth. Very smooth. Sort of like cardboard cutouts with lots of glossy stickers.

I give Snowglobe two thumbs enthusiastically halfway up!!  Enjoy this enjoyable movie;)

NOTE:  The illustration depicted in this review is actually an artist’s interpretation …well, uh, it’s actually a completely different picture that has nothing to do with the movie, except for that it’s Christmassy, and also Santa has a snowglobe in his sneakers.

But wouldn’t it be sooooo cool?!  A movie about a 1970s Santa getting stuck through a chimney-like wormhole to the 1980s, and especially cool if the movie were made in the 1980s for extra authenticity.  Only, to make this happen, we would probably need a time machine …so, in that case, I suppose a magical snowglobe is more likely to happen;(

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